Top 3 Reasons to Have an Auction

1) You're in Control

You set the selling and closing dates, and the entire process can be done in 4-6 weeks without cutting corners.

2) Keep stress to a minimum

With an auction there are no buyer/seller negotiations and haggling. Buyers come with money in hand and are prepared to buy.

3) It’s the economy

Auctions work well in both good and poor economic times. The fast pace and excitement that comes with a public auction creates an urgency for buyers to act. This gives you a true market value.

Why pick Speckmann Realty & Auction?

Experience & Knowledge!

Randy has been a farmer all his life and in the real estate and auction industries for more than 30 years.

Our agents have a combined total of more than 120 years of experience in the real estate industry and have lived in the SE Nebraska community their entire lives.

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We were the FIRST auction company in southeast Nebraska to employ a licensed drone pilot, and we use that technology to bring the best possible view to each piece of land or machinery we sell.  To see our drone in action, click here.

We take advantage of online bidding platforms, our website & Facebook posts to reach buyers and sellers throughout the United States.

We have sold land & equipment to people from all over the United States, Canada & Mexico.


We are with you from start to finish whether you’re selling 50 or 5,000 items or 25 or 2,500 acres. We build a marketing plan that is tailored to each auction.

We are as involved in the lead up to the auction as you want us to be. We have options for our staff to completely organize your property for auction day or you can do the organizing, and we will advise how to prepare everything for the big day.

The Auction Process

Even if you’ve attended hundreds of auctions, you may not realize the scope of work that goes into putting an auction together.  Here’s an example of what will take place.

8 Weeks Prior

Contacting SR&A early on will allow us to discuss the best times for an auction taking into consideration market factors and advertising schedules.

5-6 Weeks Prior

Time to take inventory, and we do all the writing. We will meet with you to develop a complete list of all items to be auctioned. The list we create here will form your personalized sale bill that will be distributed to our mailing list of interested buyers and business, social media sites, and other niche markets as necessary.

4 Weeks Prior

Sale bills and advertisements will begin going out to all of our marketing networks.  Because we produce our sale bills in house, you will have the opportunity to review every detail before we begin print.  This is also the time when we focus in on the details (e.g. is there a title for every vehicle?).  Where appropriate, we will also send out our drone team to gather footage of any land being sold. This is also where a lot of hard work begins, and you can decide who does it.  Clean and organized sells best, so the more time you put in to washing/waxing machinery, cleaning up tools, et cetera the better.  If you’re short on time and help, allow us to do it for you.  We bring a professional staff that knows where time needs to be spent, and our labor charges are very competitive.

1 Week Prior

Final plans for auction day. We will talk through in detail about when, where, and how machinery should be lined up. We will make final contingency plans for inclement weather. Most importantly, we will be there to alleviate any last minute worries about the auction day.

1 Day Prior

We will make a final visit to the auction site to ensure the smallest details are taken care of. No detail is too small, and in 27 years we’ve learned exactly what it takes to have a successful auction.

Auction Day

Our entire crew will arrive between 2-4 hours before the sale. We bring quite the convoy of vehicles to establish an on-site office complete with a cashier trailer and mobile auction topper. These days can be especially long and a bit emotional for families who are selling a loved one’s possessions. We understand that and make every effort to ensure that this day is one of excitement, relief, and happiness for everyone involved.

Two weeks after

Pay day.  Final settlement including a list of registered bidders, a list of items sold, and your profits we all be included in a closing package. 

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